5 fun sensory activities you need to try with your baby

5 fun sensory activities you need to try with your baby

As a new parent, you may be looking for ways to bond with your baby while also promoting their sensory development. Sensory activities are a great way to engage your little one's senses and help them explore the world around them. 

Here are five fun sensory activities you can try with your baby:

1. Sensory Bins: Sensory bins are a simple but effective way to engage your baby's senses. Fill a container with items such as rice, beans, water beads or sand, and let your baby explore the different textures and shapes with their hands. You can also add in toys, utensils, or other items for your baby to discover.

2. Bubble Play: Blowing bubbles is a classic activity that never gets old. Not only is it fun for babies to watch the bubbles float and pop, but it also encourages them to reach and grab for them, promoting their hand-eye coordination. You can use store bought bubble solution or make your own with dish soap and water.

3. Sensory Bags: Fill a sealable plastic bag with items such as water, glitter, or beads, and seal it tightly. Your baby can press and squish the bag to explore the different textures and colours inside. This activity is also great for tummy time, as you can place the bag on the floor and encourage your baby to reach for it. Use a tummy time mat on hard surfaces for your babies comfort.

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4. Messy Play: Messy play is a great way to encourage your baby's exploration and creativity. You can set up a messy play station with materials such as spaghetti, coloured yoghurt paint, or shaving cream, and let your baby use their hands and fingers to create their own designs. This activity is best done outside or in a designated play area, as it can get messy!

5. Sensory Walk: Create a sensory walk for your baby by laying out different materials such as fabric, foam, and bubble wrap on the floor. Your baby can crawl or walk on the different textures, promoting their balance and coordination. You can also add in toys or other items for your baby to discover as they move along the sensory walk.

These five sensory activities are not only fun but also help promote your baby's sensory development. They allow your baby to explore different textures, colours, and shapes in a safe and engaging way. It’s also a fun way to bond with your baby. Give them a try and see which ones you and your baby enjoy the most!

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